Classmates, Faculty Mourning the Loss of Navasota Student

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Students and Faculty at Navasota Junior High are mourning the loss of Taylor Meschke.

The 11-year-old was killed in a car accident Sunday morning and Monday crisis councilors were on hand to help those grieving.

Police say the girl was riding with her parents and two siblings when their car hydroplaned and overturned in the center median on Highway 6, north of Highway 105.

Taylor Meschke was pronounced dead at the scene.

"She was always the one that would come and say do you have anything for me to do and she would help out," Cindy DeMott, the principal at Navasota Junior High said. "She was a very outgoing, well liked, good student. She was just a likeable, bubbly young lady."

In August, DeMott was dealt a similar fate. Three of her children were killed in a car accident.

Now she is helping, Taylor's mom, also a faculty member at Navasota Junior High get through a difficult time.

"It's by the grace of God that we get through this it's not a day to day, it's minute to minute," DeMott said. "There's more grace than we can imagine and that what will carry them through."

Crisis councilors set up a quiet area in the school to help students deal with the loss.

"We give them a chance to vent and validate what they've experienced through this tragedy," Dennis Macha, a Crisis Coordinator for Region 6 said. "Then we give them time to predict and prepare for what is coming next and so nothing catches them by surprise. It allows them to know that they're not alone in the process."

A process that will continue for those who knew Taylor best.

Taylor's twin sister, Kaitlin, was also injured, and so was their brother Garrett.
They sustained minor injuries and have been released from the hospital.
The rest of the family was not seriously injured.