Milestone For The Med

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Less than twelve months after opening the areas first level three neonatal care unit, the one hundreth baby to need the facility was delivered at The College Station Medical Center.

Mason John Schneider was born two months early on September 14. Parents Krystal and Gordon are looking to bring home their son as soon as he puts on a few more pounds. Both are so thankful for the treatment they received at The Med.

The state of the art neonatal center partially opened at the College Station Medical Center last October. It was fully operational in January 2006. Now babies born prematurely in Bryan and College Station can stay in town for treatment.
The facility is a level three facility which is able to handle some of the smallest preemies.

Doctors say before the neonatal unit opened at the Med families would have had to travel to Houston or Austin to get specialized care for their preemies.