Students Get Closer Look at E-Voting

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Texans are getting equipped to cast their votes this November. Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams was at Texas A&M Tuesday, urging the future leaders of Texas to help him mold a better generation of Texas voters.

Williams wants to create, "a generation of informed and confident voters." His stop at A&M is part of an aggressive, 35-city tour to give voters a chance to take advantage of the VOTEXAS education initiative.

The secretary said the initiative is for voters, "to educate them before they go to the polls to understand voting in Texas is now easier, faster, more secure, and the equipment is very easy to use so they don't have concerns that may keep them away from the polls or before they go to the polls."

New state of the art electronic voting machines will ensure that all Texas voters have an equal opportunity to have their voices heard on election day. The microphone that will make those voice heard is technology. That is something Secretary Williams knows young voters can relate.

"So much of their world is through electronics," Williams said. "I had many young people to say 'Mr. Secretary, this is cool, this is neat.' And if that helps bring them out, then that's great."

As the VOTEXAS bus rolls into each town across Texas, voters have the chance to see how the new voting machines work and so they can become comfortable with them long before the November 7 election day. And as Texas voters educated themselves, they help the state to stay in compliance with the 2002 Helping America Vote Act signed by President Bush.

Brazos County has helped Texas to be in compliance by doing their part.

"We've been in compliance since 2003," said Karen McQueen, Brazos County's clerk. "We rolled out the equipment for the May. City and school elections and been going strong since."