Aggie Waiting for Dad's Arrival from Space

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NASA has given the shuttle Atlantis the go-ahead to land Thursday morning after an inspection found no damage from nearby floating debris, and one Texas A&M student certainly has a vested interest.

Will Tanner, the son of Mission Specialist Joseph Tanner, will welcome his father home from space for the fourth and final time Thursday.

The kinesiology student has been in contact with his father throughout his journey in space.

Will said, he took part in a video teleconference alongside his family in Houston on Saturday. He and his father have also exchanged messages via email.

NASA delayed landing a day to make sure none of the objects damaged the shuttle or posed other problems.

The shuttle and crew of six are set to return at 6:21 a-m, Eastern Time.

Will and his family will be reunited with his father this weekend in Houston.