The Search Continues for Missing Inmates

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A four-square-mile perimeter near the East Hidalgo Detention Center in La Villa has been lifted as the search goes on for six escapees.

One fugitive is former McAllen policeman Francisco Meza-Rojas, who was held on drug charges.

The other five are illegal immigrants from Mexico who are believed to be members of a violent drug gang.

Authorities say the men last night overpowered a guard, then cut through fences at the unit.

The minimum-to-maximum security unit is operated by LCS Corrections Services of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Vice President Richard Harbison says the facility has never had a breakout through the fence.

Authorities determined that the inmates gained access to several exit doors after overpowering a guard with a homemade knife and locking him in a room.

The guard wasn't hurt.

No alarm was sounded.