Spinach Scarce In B/CS

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The nation-wide spinach scare has spinach scarce in the Bryan/College Station area.

Even though Texas has had no reported cases of E-coli, many local restaurants have pulled spinach off of their buffets.

Souper Salad in College Station, a favorite spot for many to enjoy fresh greens and spinach soup, has stopped using spinach completely said manager Merhdad Araghi.

Some patrons of the salad bar don't seem bothered by the menu change.

"I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. Everyday we have been hearing that it's in 23 states. So I wouldn't want myself or my mom or anyone I love to get sick," said Jennifer Farmer.

Most major grocery stores have also yanked bags of spinach off their shelves. Appletree's produce manager Ronnie Czajkowski says he isn't sure when the leafy greens are likely to return.

"Our suppliers are being very cautious about getting the product back in. I think it's a matter of time," said Czajkowski.

Federal investigators are looking for the source of the outbreak, focusing on nine farms in California as well as processing plants.