Health Science Center Talks Withdrawn For Now

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A decision on a new home for the A&M Health Science Center won't be made during this set of Regents meetings. The agenda item was withdrawn Thursday after a clerical error.

What may have been one of the hottest topics of this set of Regents meetings is off the table this time around. Thursday, the board met in executive session to hear proposals for the new facility. The Health Science Center is expecting major growth in the next decade, requiring a major building project to house them.

In the neighborhood of six sites have been considered, according to Regent Erle Nye, but the posted agenda item for discussion Thursday was not correct.

"We made the resolution up on the assumption that that property we were talking about was not in the master plan," said Nye. "It turns out it is in the master plan."

Nye could not elaborate on much, including which site was posted incorrectly. Officials at the Health Science Center have recommended 150 acres at 2818 and George Bush Drive. It was that property that was posted on the agenda for assignment to the HSC.

But another option is one from Bryan, a sizable plot of land, including the Bryan Municipal Golf Course. The Regents heard that presentation Thursday morning.

"We're very thankful for the progressive nature of their proposal, and their representatives were well prepared," Nye said.

But a decision on the site wouldn't have come in these meetings, according to Nye.

"It's simply not time for us to make a decision on that," Nye said. "Now, we are up against a schedule, and we do need to make a decision soon."

The next Regents' meetings begin November 30.

Talks for the regents Friday will include the possible naming of an interim chancellor. Bob McTeer recently announced his retirement from that post.