Children's Allergies on the Rise

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Children's allergies are increasing worldwide, and doctors are scrambling to find causes and treatments for the growing problem.

Experts say the very young are most affected.

"Allergies are usually runny noses and the kid can be fussy and congested," Andrew de Jong, a Brazos Valley Pediatric EMT said. "Just depending on the age, the symptoms can vary."

Research has yet to turn up the reason behind the increase in children's allergies, but experts say it may be traced to pollution, changes in the food supply, and an increase in population.

It is known, allergies cause seasonal misery for sufferers and they can even cause life threatening situations.

"For an allergy type situation in children, it can be significant," de Jong said. "For example it can cause reactive airway problems if they come in with significant breathing problems, and they may even come to the emergency room."

So what should you do? Doctors say start with getting rid of the source.

"It could be something in the home or it could be in the environment," de Jong said. "Smoking is one known factor that really can affect children's upper airways and allergy problems."

And there are medications. Doctors say both oral and nasal sprays will decrease suffering.

Experts say an increased quality of life is affecting allergies because better living weakens the immune system.
And it's a problem doctors are calling one of the largest health-care issues.