More Signage Likely in Hwy 6 Construction Zone

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It was September 15's fatal accident that prompted a meeting Friday morning. The Texas Deparment of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety, along with State Senator Steve Ogden and others met to discuss steps they could take in the wake of the wreck.

Four people were killed in the six-car accident, including three local teens.

While the parties will meet again in the middle of next week, officials say there will be added signage in South Brazos County where construction is on-going.

"[Drivers] will possibly see radar trailers down there," said Bob Colwell with TxDOT. "It will flash when you go by, and if you're running 75mph or over, it will flash at you to let you know you're going way too fast in that area since the posted speed limit is 70mph. There will be some different signage, possibly driveway signs for in and out, and possibly even looking at some construction areas where our contractors are going to go in and out."

Discussions will continue on whether the speed limit on that part of the road should be reduced by 10 miles per hour.

"We will go back to the drawing board next week and everyone's going to bring their ideas together again," Colwell said. "Hopefully, we will have something in place within the next two to three weeks."

The project on Highway 6 in southern Brazos County is scheduled to be completed in 2011. The construction will put a divide between the two lanes of northbound and southbound traffic, and also add frontage roads. At approximately $103 million, it is the largest project the Bryan District of TxDOT has ever worked on, according to their officials.

When asked if the added signage should have been put in prior to the construction beginning, Colwell said, "I guess you could say that, but we've had changeable message boards up and construction zone signs that are up, so we encourage everyone that goes through a construction zone to please slow down and watch out. Everyone knows that this is a heavily travelled area."