A&M's Mrs. Gates Honored at Ceremony

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Texas A&M's Children's Center was renamed for Becky Gates Saturday morning.

The center received a major endowment by Arthur and Dorothy McFerrin, Jr., and also a generous grant from the Rashal Foundation.

"Over the past several years I have really gotten to know Becky very well. And we wanted to leave something for her legacy also to Texas A&M because she has been such an integral part of it," said Dorothy McFerrin.

The donated funds will go towards a three thousand square foot addition to the center.

The director of the Children's Center, Di Fontenot, was ecstatic to hear the news of the generous donation.

"It was amazing and exciting. I was humbled because child care doesn't always get that kind of recognition. I was just real pleased that someone of her stature recognized what we do and how important it is," said Fontenot.

Mrs. Gates has also been quite enthusiastic about the center since coming to Texas A&M.
She attributes much of her passion for getting involved with activities around the campus to a conference she attended at Kansas State.

Gates, holding back tears, said, "I took inspiration from that and came back to A&M and decided I needed to find something that would mean something to me. When I left in however many years it was, that I left something behind. And I am just so thrilled to have my name on this building."

The center opened its doors on Hensel Drive in 1998.