Young Girl Has Big Heart, "Locks of Love" To Give

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A young girl, with a big heart gladly made a unique donation to some needy young patients.

Seven-year-old Kaylee Ramos first heard about Locks of Love during the summer of 2004, and decided then that she wanted to donate her hair to children suffering long-term medical hair loss.

Kaylee regularly visits her grandmother at the Carriage Inn retirement home, where she made the donation Saturday. She has become a big part of some of the residents lives, so much so that they wanted to be apart of the seven year old's big day, along with her parents.

With resident's of the Carriage Inn and her family looking on, the hairdresser carefully cut the minimum ten inches needed to donate, from the young girl's head.

"I was very nervous for her. I didn't want to see the hair go. And what did I tell you this morning? It was the last time momma was combing that long hair. But that's okay, it looks beautiful and I'm very very proud of her," said Kaylee's mother.

Kaylee was excited to be able to donate her hair to Locks of Love and hopes to grow her hair out, and donate it again.