More Chaos: Hwy 6 Shut Down After Accident

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Déjà vu on Highway 6. Just eight days after four people died in South Brazos County, another major accident on Highway 6 stopped traffic. The accident happened early Saturday afternoon about three miles north of FM 2154.

In all, four vehicles were involved in the accident, with three sustaining significant damage. Authorities believe the driver of a truck tried to make an illegal turn on Highway 6, causing the four vehicles to spill off the road. One car flipped off the road.

Seven people were transported from the scene, including one by helicopter to Scott and White in Temple. None of the injuries were life-threatening. The person moved by helicopter was believed to have a broken femur.

Traffic was again stopped on Highway 6 while crews worked the scene. A pair of lanes, one northbound and one southbound, were eventually opened a little over an hour after the wreck, with some drivers even being diverted onto the construction zone. It was about 3 p.m. when the highway was fully reopened.

"We've got to take some responsibility out here ourselves," said South Brazos County Fire Chief Emily Staples. "We have a horrible road. Drivers have got to be aware of what's going on out here."

It was in the same construction area in South Brazos County that four died just days earlier. Saturday's wreck happened about two miles away from the first.

"It has been an emotional rollercoaster," Staples said. "Everybody in here almost knew someone that was related in these calls."

Staples was a part of Friday's meeting with TxDOT, DPS and others discussing the state of the road.

"We are probably going to be lowering the speed limit to 55 from College Station to Navasota," she said. "We all agreed that that would be consistent with what's already in the speed zone up there."

Previously, officials had said such a step could only be taken if added law enforcement could be in place in that portion of the highway. But Staples said it's likely a special patrol made up of off-duty authorities will be paid to patrol and write tickets.

"Hopefully, we'll become the ticket capital of the world if that's what it takes to get people here safely," Staples said.

Staples also said limits will likely be made on the number of left turns in south Brazos County on 6, along with added signs and radar detectors on the road.