Highway 6 Improvement Action

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Highway 6 Improvement Action

Mangled metal, emergencies crews, and devastated lives are becoming all too common on Highway 6.

A non-fatal accident Saturday on Highway 6 came only hours after Brazos Valley officials met to discuss the cause of so many accidents. All of them agree that one of the biggest problems is speed.

"The average speed we see out there is 79 miles per hour,'' said Texas Department of Transportation's Bob Colwell.

The state agency is looking into ways to slow down drivers. On the table right now is a proposal to drop the speed limit from 70 to 55 miles per hour all the way from College Station to the Navasota River.

In addition, left turns may be restricted to specific areas only. A number of accidents on Highway 6 involved traffic attempting to make a left turn. Possible highway improvement solutions could include putting signage in place designating where left turns would be permitted.

Those are some inconveniences that some drivers may be forced to live with.

State Senator Steve Ogden says that is the point. That they live.

"I'm not sure there is any other greater tragedy that I'm aware of, than you get a phone call in the middle of the night and find out that someone that you love has suddenly lost their life on a Texas highway," Ogden said.

Initial solutions would also include a very noticeable law enforcement presence on the highway to help motorists take heed of the posted construction signs.

TxDot, DPS, and other officials will discuss these solutions on Thursday at a scheduled meeting, but they need drivers to help their efforts. TxDot is asking that motorists get off the accelerator.

Senator Ogden even offers this piece of advice for drivers, "Between Millican and Navasota stay in the right hand lane."