Meeting On Possible Tax Freeze For Bryan Residents

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Meeting On Possible Tax Freeze For Bryan Residents
Kristen Ross

The Bryan City Council will meet Tuesday and will likely discuss a property tax freeze for the elderly and the disabled.

Bryan resident Perry Slagle is leading the movement to get Bryan to freeze property tax rates. An effort similar to one he led in 2004 to get Brazos County to put the proposal on a ballot. That initiative passed with 70% of the vote.

Brazos County Judge Randy Sims said implementing the freeze required some changes. "Basically we have had to increase taxes a little bit on the younger voting population and tax payers to be able to fund the services we continue to offer citizens of Brazos County," said Sims. "That's the same something they are going to have to look at at the city level too."

If property taxes are frozen for the disabled and the elderly, the city estimates it will cost an estimated $91,000 in 2007, more than $317,000 in 2008, and more than $585,000 in 2009.

Sims says younger voters of Bryan need to get involved in this. That's because younger taxpayers may end up subsidizing older citizens who tend to use more police protection, ambulance services and other municipal services funded by tax dollars.

The Brazos County Judge says the decision should ultimately be up to the voters. "They have just got to take it on themselves to come at the time they are going to hold the vote to put it on a ballot, and make their wishes known," Sims said.

Mayor Ernie Wentrcek will make the tax freeze presentation during the council workshop prior to the regular meeting. Since the item isn't on the agenda, no vote will be taken.