Homeland Security Money to Fund A&M Program

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Twenty-two million dollars is on the way to a Texas A&M System program for training state authorities.

The US Homeland Security Appropriations Bill includes those funds for the system's National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center. Around 40,000 firefighters, police officers and EMS personnel are trained at the facility each year.

Congressman Chet Edwards says cuts were in line that would have greatly reduced the A&M project, but that the Texas delegation in Congress worked to eliminate those cuts.

"This important funding is crucial to continue the A&M system's leading role in protecting our nation from terrorist attacks and major national and natural disasters," Edwards said.

The congressman also announced funding secured in the bill for L-3 Communications, responsible for refurbishing surveillance aircraft for border patrols.

The bill will go to the House and Senate for votes this week, followed by a trip to the White House for the president's approval.