Fastow Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

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During his sentencing, Andrew Fastow was far from the confident man who devised schemes to hide Enron's precarious finances and enrich himself.

Instead, the former chief financial officer was remorseful. Through tears, Fastow said Tuesday he was ashamed of the harm he had caused.

Fastow was sentenced in Houston to six years in prison. The judge said he deserved a lighter sentence because Fastow has been persecuted after Enron's failure and because his family had suffered enough.

Fastow cooperated with prosecutors in other cases related to Enron's 2001 implosion. He had agreed to serve a maximum ten-year term when he pleaded guilty in 2004.

Rod Jordan, chairman of the Severed Enron Employee Coalition, says he was shocked and disappointed that Fastow was given a reduced sentence.