Terrell Owens Denies Suicide Attempt

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Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens says quote "there was no suicide attempt."

He explained Wednesday afternoon that he mixed painkillers with supplements and became groggy.

Owens says that the confusion over his condition likely stemmed from an empty bottle of pain medication found by his publicist, who was with him at the time. He says the rest of the pills were in a drawer.

Owens appeared in a news conference at team headquarters a few
hours after leaving a hospital for what a police report described as "a drug overdose."

Owens blamed a combination of hydrocodone, a generic form of Vicodin, with all-natural supplements for making him ill.

Owens said, quote "It's very unfortunate for it to go from an allergic reaction to a suicide attempt."

He says he feels very capable of playing Sunday in Tennessee, despite this incident and his broken hand. He added that he's quote, "not depressed about anything."