Another Woman Accuses Ex-Cadet of Assault

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A second woman has accused a former member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets of sexual assault.

This comes on the second day of Elton Yarbrough's trial.

Yarbrough is accused of attacking a fellow student while she was passed out from drinking.

Wednesday the defense started by questioning the alleged victim, a 21-year-old former Texas A&M foreign exchange student.

The defense questioned the woman's previous testimony, claiming she was asleep when Yarbrough sexually assaulted her.

The woman said she did not feel anything, until Yarbrough startled her. She said she woke up with Yarbrough on top of her.
It's then she realized she had been raped and called police.

The defense also questioned the woman's former roommate and the College Station police officer that first responded to the scene.

The defense then rested, and that's when things got interesting. The state claimed the defense implied the woman consented to sex, therefore opening the door to rebuttal witnesses.

Prosecutors called a 20-year-old current A&M student who testified Yarbrough had performed oral sex on her while she was passed out from drinking in 2004.

The defense questioned the woman's credibility, because she had never pressed charges.

The state is expected to continue calling rebuttal witnesses Thursday.

It is unknown whether one of the witnesses will be a woman that Yarbrough allegedly raped in June of this year.
He was indicted in that case back in August.

Yarbrough pleaded not guilty Tuesday, and he has not testified on his own behalf.
If found guilty, he could face up to to 20 years in prison.