MySpace Voter-Registration Drive

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MySpace Voter-Registration Drive
Kristen Ross is launching a voter-registration drive to encourage today's youth to get out and vote.

The nonpartisan group 'Declare Yourself' has teamed up with MySpace to connect its users with easy access to voter registration applications.The highly visited website is running ads and giving members personal badges that say 'I registered on MySpace-dot-com' to add to their profile pages.

The Brazos County Clerk, Karen McQueen says its vital that today's youth make their voices heard.

"I think they can make a huge difference, That straight party punch will turn a race. And that did happen several years ago with the local sheriff's race. The students did get out and vote and that box precinct 20, which is campus, is one of the biggest boxes in Brazos County. So yeah it can happen and they could change a race if they all got out and voted," said McQueen.

The last day to register to vote is October 10th.