Safety Priorities At A&M Consolidated

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Safety Priorities at A&M Consolidated

School shootings like the one in Colorado are a harsh reminder of what can happen any day, at any school, in any city in America.

A&M Consolidated High School principal Ron Fox hopes no acts of violence happen here and says, "As the principal I think first and foremost the responsibility of the school is to create a safe environment."

A safe environment, that's what the A&M Consolidated principal is trying to create. There are notices posted on the school's doors and in the hallway entrance, is a larger sign alerting visitors that they must check in at the front office.

Visitors who fails to check-in will be approached by staff and asked if they need assistance. At the moment when faculty members recognize that a visitors doesn't have a visitor's badge, they will instruct that person to report to the office.

If the situation becomes hostile or threatening, the school's safety procedures are implemented. Fox says, "We definitely have a lock down procedure, if there was a situation campus. Both students and teachers are practiced safety drills and are familiar with the procedures on what to do in that situation."

Principal Fox is aware of the dangers that teachers and students could face on campus and wants parents to know that school officials want the school to be safe for everyone. Most importantly, Fox wants every child to be able to come to school and return home safely everyday.