Big 12 Play Pays in Aggieland

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You can ask any Aggie fan and they will tell you that there is nothing like game day. The color maroon blankets the Brazos Valley, and dollars are flowing free as water.

Local businesses enjoy game days just as much as the fans, especially conference games. Assistant manager Garrick Bernsen of the Fox and the Hound resturant and bar says, "I love Big 12 play. I've been anticipating the Texas Tech weekend."

The inside of Fox and the Hound was packed. The crowd was just one sign that business is great when the Big 12 Conference play starts. Garrick said they know how to make the fans at Fox and the Hound have a good time.

In order to accommodate the crowds, "we typically double our staff and sitting capacity," said Bernsen. "We cover most of our pool tables. We roll out the red carpet for the Aggies."

All of that hospitality translates into as much as 30 percent more revenue than a regular night for the restaurant and bar.

Restaurants and bars aren't the ony businesses that appreciate A&M's fan support. Hotels are booked to capacity. It scheduled to be that way for the rest of the football season.

The reason is that so many A&M alumni and parents make the trips to Kyle Field. Those trips in turn allow area hotels to increase their bottom line.

According to the President of the Brazos Valley Lodging Association, Ron Fulton, hotels prices can increase anywhere from 50 to 75 percent.

Fulton says that is normal upsurge for the hotel business. It is normal because of supply and demand. He says, "when the crowds come the prices go up."

Business typically look forward to conference play, but they know Aggie fans are loyal through and through no matter who they play. When Aggies are playing on Kyle Field, Aggies are there, inside the stadium and out.