Students Get A Lesson In Pizza

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Students Get A Lesson In Pizza
Kristen Ross

Area students got a lesson in agriculture production courtesy of "pizza slices" during Monday's Brazos County Pizza Ranch at Texas A&M University. The Ag Extension Office sponsors the program which uses the making of a pizza as a way to teach students about the importance of agriculture.

Fourth grade students had the opportunity to visit several "pizza slices" which included educational talks, live samples and exhibits, and hands-on experiences.

Brandon Gregson, Brazos County Extension Agent for 4H and Youth Development in the Brazos County, believes it is vital for kids to know where their food originated. "Some kids think it just comes from the grocery store but they don't know the history behind it or how it got there. And the education behind that is very important and I hope today they walk away with that," said Gregson.

The first Brazos County Pizza Ranch was held in October of 2004.