Businesses Scrambling After Power Outage

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The restoration of power to roughly 86,000 customers Tuesday night did not leave everyone completely satisfied.

For many area residents the outage not only knocked out power, but damaged appliances and left some in the heat.

Now, area businesses are scrambling to make repairs.

Since the area-wide power outage, Climate Masters has been bombarded with calls

The power outage caused some air-conditioners to fail, because the voltage dropped during the rolling brown outs and a part became overheated.

Calls actually doubled the day after the power outage.

"Yesterday the calls were coming in so rapidly," Chris Threadgill with Central Texas Air said.

Customers are waiting a few days until repairs can be made.

"We had to carry over from yesterday to today," Threadgill said. "We are staying busy with the same type of calls today and I probably expect that through tomorrow."

And air-conditioners are not the only appliances getting repaired, computer repair shops are staying busy too.

Power supplies were damaged as well as modems and network cards, doubling house calls at Systek Computing Technologies.

"There have been outages before but the repeated outages that occurred recently have just caused more damage then previously," Craig Paull, owner of Systek Computing Technology said. "It has just been crazy."

And because of the high demand of repairs, it will be days before all air conditioners and computers will be back to normal.

Experts recommend turning off your thermostat during power outages, especially during rolling brown-outs.

Computers should also be turned off, and modems should be unplugged.