DPS: Missing Truck Recovered During Brazos River Search

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New details in the search for two missing men in the Brazos River.

The Brazos County Department of Public Safety has confirmed that the truck, the men allegedly drove off a bank Sunday, has been found.

Authorities say the truck was located Monday afternoon about 50 yards, from where it reportedly went in. However, there's been no sign of the missing men.

Swift waters are keeping a DPS dive team out of the water Monday. But, troopers, game wardens and Washington County deputies are still searching the area.

Authorities say early Sunday morning four men took a truck from a private ranch on FM 1370, and drove it off a bank.

Two men who where in the bed of the truck survived a 25 foot drop, but two men in the truck's cab were never found.

The two who survived, 29-year-old Luis Loredo and 22-year-old Juan Carlos Esneider, both of Navasota, were able to swim to safety and later charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
Other charges are possible.