Shelter Search for Director Continues

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The Brazos Animal Shelter is just a few weeks away from naming a permanent director, but also has had to replace their interim.

Carolyn Berrow stepped down from her post after two-and-a-half months as the interim. Board President Shane Phelps said they are grateful for the time Berrow was able to put in, but that it was likely too much for an already busy individual.

More than 30 applications have been sent in from people looking to take on the permanent position.

"We're starting interviews Monday, and we hope to have them completed by the end of next week, if not into the beginning of next week," said Phelps. "The board will meet, we'll make our decision, and hopefully in no later than three weeks, we'll have an offer extended."

It was in early July that Kelley Durham resigned as director after controversy swirled around the shelter and its board at the time.

Operations Director Melissa Jarrett will act as director for the time being.