No Flu Shot Shortage

No Flu Shot Shortage

You may not be able to tell by the weather, but flu season is just weeks away. A lot of people choose to get a flu shot. However, in the past, vaccines have often been hard to find.

A variety of factors have been to blame for flu shot shortages which have plagued the country in recent years.
But this year is shaping up to be a different story. In fact, here in the Brazos Valley, the story has already changed.

According to David Matthews this year there will be no flu vaccine shortages. Matthews is the Director of Pharmacy at the College Station Medical Center. He says the Med has already received its allocation of flu shots and can order more if needed.

The reason for the surplus is better planning on the part of the manufacturers. There are only two companies that make the vaccine for the entire U.S. This year, those companies made more than enough flu shots, which will allow healthcare providers to make reorders.

The Med is just one place you can go in the Brazos Valley to get a flu shot. St. Joseph Regional Health Center will also be providing them. In the coming weeks St. Joseph will provide a website where you will be able to access information on where and when flu shots will be given along with the cost.

But whether or not you opt to take the flu shot, Matthews says there is one basic action everyone can do to minimize the spread of infection. "If you're sick it's a good idea to stay home."

The flu season starts this month and continues until early March. Brazos Valley residents who want to play it safe and stay ahead of the flu virus should be able to start rolling up their sleeves shortly.

The Med's Director of Pharmacy says the shots will be made available in the next two weeks and throughout the flu season. And as the saying goes that little ounce of prevention could be worth a pound of cure.