History Lesson in Hearne

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History Lesson in Hearne

Texas and U.S. history can now be found in Hearne in one spot.

The city of Hearne dedicated Camp Hearne on Saturday. The old campsite was used as a German POW camp during the World War II. Exhibits that were dug up from the actual campsite were on display before and after the dedication.

Saturday's dedication was the culmination of the efforts of several individuals. Kathy Lazarus, president of the ROLL CALL-Friends of Camp Hearne, was instrumental in presenting the proposal for acquiring a historical marker for Camp Hearne. She was also helpful in securing finances for the exhibit.

Others involved include U.S. Representative Chet Edwards, and Texas A&M University professors, Dr. Arnold Krammer and Dr. Michael Waters.

Edwards sponsored a $250,000 direct federal appropriation in the U S. House of Representatives to build additions to the Camp Hearne exhibit.

Dr. Krammer researched and wrote books on this and other POW camps. Kramer's writings motivated Dr. Waters to travel to Hearne on his own to search and see the campsite for himself.

That trip eventually lead to an all out excavation of the actual campsite. Students from Texas A&M under Waters' supervision excavated, sorted, and analyzed their findings that added to the exhibit today.

Kathy Lazarus says she hopes the dedication is just the being of bigger and better things for the city of Hearne.

Lazarus hopes perhaps the city's location will entice visitors to schedule trips to the city to learn about their contribution to history.

"We have a perfect location for day trips and more importantly for educational trips," Lazarus said.

She hopes that means trips that can lead to an economic impact in Hearne, Texas.