Honor In A Name

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Honor In A Name

Bad weather could not wash away the pride that was in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday.

The Navy's newest aircraft carrier was christened after Former President George H. W. Bush.

The ceremony proved to be a family affair. President Bush, his brother, Governor Jeb Bush, their sister, Doro Bush Koch were all in the attendance.

Koch is the vessel's sponsor. And saw to it that the last Nimitz-class aircraft carrier bare her father's name.

The audience was made up of dignitaries some whom held leadership roles during the forty-first president's administration. It also included the actual shipyard workers from Northrop Grumman Newport News, who labored to build the semi-finished ship.

President Bush was the keynote speaker at the ceremony.

During his speech the President said the military was getting the finest ship to be offered. "The men and women of the United States military represent the best America can give them. And the George H-W Bush is the best America could give them," Bush said.

Overwhelmed with pride, the elder Bush said, "I'd say say this was the happiest day of my life but I remember saying that for both after Jeb and George were elected governor on the same day and I was flying home to Houston from Florida and I said to Barbara, this is the happiest day in my life. And she said what about the day we were married. I said that was a nice day too. So anyway I would simply have to say that this is maybe the third happiest day in my life."

Former President George H.W. Bush also became sentimental when he spoke about the men whom he served with during World War II. He added, the honor he was receiving was any aviator's
dream come true.

At a $6 billion dollar price tag, the USS George H.W. Bush is a world class vessel.

The Nimitz-class classification of the carrier means it is the largest warships in the world. Technological advancements on board makes it the bridge to the next generation of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

The ship is more than 1,000 feet long, can support 75 aircraft, and will house about 3,000 crew members.

Right now the new USS George H. W. Bush awaits its commission, which is slated for late 2008.