Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome

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Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome
Kristen Ross

Nearly one-thousand people attended the third annual Buddy Walk at College Station Central Park, Sunday afternoon. The Buddy Walk is national event which was developed to promote awareness and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome.

Christy Knight President of the Buddy Walk said, "Today's event is just an event to come out and celebrate Down Syndrome awareness. We are doing a one mile walk, having barbeque, joy jumps, and just all kinds of activities to come out and meet the kids with Down Syndrome. It's just a celebration for Down Syndrome awareness."

The Buddy Walk was created in 1995, and began with just seventeen walks.Since then, more than two hundred and fifty walks take place across the nation, raising more than $5.5 million dollars for the Down Syndrome community.

The event also has become a great opportunity for residents in the Brazos Valley to interact with families and others affected by Down Syndrome.

News Three's Bob French was a featured speaker and kicked off the event. French told a large crowd about his nephew who has Down Syndrome,and reminded people that everyone can benefit from increased awareness. "Now the main thing we can learn for the good from people with Down Syndrome is their born ability to love and accept. And that is what we want to increase awareness of today is, acceptance," said French.

The money raised from the Buddy Walk will have a huge impact within the Down Syndrome community. "Five percent of it does go for Research at the National Down Syndrome Society. And the money stays here locally for a lending library, new parents packets, for new parents around the Brazos Valley, conferences for parents to go to, activities and camps for our kids through out the year," said Knight.