Trains To Begin Running Again After Derailment Near Oakwood

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Trains could be running again through Leon County by Sunday...three days after a track fire and derailment. Union Pacific officials say that's when repair to the Keechi Creek Trestle should be completed.

The Trestle caught fire early Thursday morning. A train travelling through the area around 4 a.m. was unable to stop before crossing the burning bridge...resulting in the derailment of four locomotives and six rail cars.
Authorities are still not certain how the fire started. But they say it could/ve been caused by a lightening strike from a storm the night before. Residents who were evacuated following a Union Pacific train derailment and fire Thursday morning in Leon County are back in their homes, and officials said crews are working to build a road to get equipment to the remote, wooded area to finish the cleanup and rebuilding process.