Students Feel Safe At Bryan High

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Students Feel Safe At Bryan High
Kristen Ross

The Bush Administration held a school violence summit Tuesday in response to a surge of violent attacks occuring in schools across the nation. Since the beginning of the 2006 school year, attacks have occurred in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Delbert Elliot, director of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence in Boulder, Colorado said at the summit,"there is a real violation of public trust when something happens at school because the expectation is that school will be a safe place."

Some students at Bryan High School aren't overly concerned about violence in school.

"I haven't been nervous at all," said Elisa Santana. "I mean this is Bryan High and I actually used to live in Houston and so coming here and being in a small town I don't feel like any harm could ever come to me and plus you know everyone here."

Fellow student Jason Galindo agreed with Santana."It's smaller than a lot of schools and everybody knows a lot of people. Not to much happens here in Bryan like that, violence wise," said Galindo.

Bryan High School makes students wear ID badges, and has security guards on watch at the school.The school also has an emergency plan in place, if an intruder were to enter, which contributes to the students sense of security.

The summit in Maryland discussed the importance of students acting as informants when possible to prevent violence in schools before it occurs.

"Our first line of prevention is having really good intelligence, " said Elliot.

Galindo says that he feels the problem is that many students don't know when to take a threat seriously.

"If you hear it, especially like on the internet, you think, oh, he is just playing around, or he is just trying to be funny. So I think a lot of people feel that way too. They wouldn't report it just because they don't believe it."