Hitting The Mark

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A difficult recruiting season last year, the Army has already met their goal for 2006. Determined to make their year's goal the army adopted some changes.

In the middle of the 2005 fiscal year the Army decided to adopt the Department of Defense's standards of recruitment. The Army now accepts, twice as many recruits under new lower aptitude standards.

According to the associated press, the Army has already beat this year's goal by signing up a little more than 80-thousand new soldiers. And they say, it's due to the new relaxed recruitment criteria.

News Three was unable to speak to local recruiters in the Brazos Valley, a public affairs officer with the U.S. Army Recruiting Command we spoke to, did confirm this.

But he wanted to stress that by employing the new test score standards, there still is a cap score in place ... all recruits must score above this number, but the Army didn't release that number to us. This change is just one of three major changes to help the Army's recruitment.

In January of this year the Army implemented doubled cash enlistment bonuses for both active and reserve duty. Active duty enlistee now can earn $40-thousand and reservist $20-thousand. The other change was that the maximum age for enlisting was raised to 42. The U.S. Recruiting Command says numbers for active duty and reservist are increasing, proving that change is good.