Aggie Killed In Bicycle Accident

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Texas A&M students are mourning the loss of one of their own.

Benjamin Pohlmann died Wednesday morning at St. Joseph Regional Health Center. He was hit while riding his bicycle Tuesday night.

The 18-year-old was leaving the A&M campus trying to cross University Drive and College Main when he was struck by a 2004 Toyota 4-Runner.

The driver has been identified as a 60-year-old Carmine woman. Still, detectives are searching for clues. They've asked for anyone who saw the accident to contact police.

Bryan Sims, an A&M freshman, was one of the last people to talk to Pohlmann. The two had just attended Breakaway Ministries together Tuesday night.

"It was such a great worship and time that we came out singing worship songs together," Sims said. "We walked all the way back to Sbisa together where we parted ways. Seconds later, he was killed."

Sims and Pohlmann were both pledging the Brothers Under Christ fraternity. Members in the fraternity say in the brief amount of time they knew Pohlmann, one thing was ever present: his faith.

"I got to see a man of character who really sought after the Lord," said Sims.

Wilson Peppard, a pledge trainer for Brothers Under Christ, said, "Everytime I saw Ben, he definitely had a smile on his face. He was a happy guy. He knew where he was going with his life and what his life was for. And he just had a feeling of contentment about him."

Bryan Blake, president of Brothers Under Christ, says Pohlmann's mother hopes the tragedy will bring others to know Christ.

"His mom talked about how when Ben was little he used to pretend to be a preacher and stuff like that," said Blake. "They knew that he would be a preacher. But I think this way, he still gets to impact lives in the same way a preacher would, but just not in the same method."

Although friends and family are grieving over the loss of Pohlmann, Sims said, "It's so encouraging knowing him that way and knowing he is in a better place now, that life didn't end it just began."

Brothers Under Christ hosted a candle light vigil in honor of their fallen brother Wednesday night at Rudder Fountain.

Services will be held Friday at 10am at the North Oaks Baptist Church in Spring.