Cloning Company Closing

The California biotechnology company who pumped millions into Texas A&M's cloning program is closing.

Genetic Savings and Clone last month sent out letters to its customers saying it will close at the end of the year because of little demand.

The company says it was unable to develop the technology to the point that cloning pets is commercially viable.

A message on the company's answering machine said it is longer taking orders and referred potential customers to
Austin-based ViaGen.

A spokesperson for ViaGen said ViaGen will take on the gene banking from Genetic Savings and Clone, but is not pursuing pet cloning or the marketing of it.

Genetic Savings and Clone funded the world's first cloned pet - a kitten named CC that was produced at A&M.

In 2003, Texas A&M ended its partnership with Genetic Savings and Clone to clone a dog.