Reed Arena Gets A Makeover

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Aggie hoops fans are in for a real treat. Some big changes have been made in Reed Arena since last season. The changes are geared to enhance enjoyment of Aggie basketball games.

"We've got an eight-sided scoreboard that will include four video boards. It will be a totally new center-hung scoreboard at Reed Arena that we think is going to be a spectacular display. In addition, we are going to put up ribbon boards around the arena, almost six-hundred feet of ribbon boards that will totally encircle the arena. We think the fans will really enjoy it," said Jeff Schmahl Senior Associate Athletic Director For External Operations.

Since Reed was not designed to accommodate a suspended scoreboard, the renovations didn't come without a few problems along the way. The center scoreboard which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds had to be lightened up to less than half that weight. The eight sided score board will allow fans to be able to learn valuable information about players.

"There is a lot of ways we can enhance the things that we do with the players, in terms of statistics. It's always fun to see replays, it's fun to see features on those players," said Schmahl.

The price tag of the project is around $13 million. But as was the case with the new football video board, Schmahl feels the additions will help attract fans and recruits by making Reed Arena one of the top basketball venues in the country.

Schmahl explained, "Our idea is not just to try to catch up. Our idea is to move ahead of everyone. I think we've done that with all our video board projects, and I think what we're doing in Reed Arena is going to be better than any other college in the country is doing for college basketball."

The renovation should be done by October 14th, when the basketball teams begin their first day of practice. However minor adjustments will continue until the start of basketball season.

One thing is for sure, Aggie basketball fans will not miss a single play.