CS Council Meeting Ends After Medical Emergency

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College Station's city council meeting was adjourned early this evening after a scary moment. A senior citizen speaking on the final item of the meeting had to be transported to the hospital after nearly collapsing at the podium.

At around 8:45 p.m., College Station resident Dean Carlton was speaking to the city council concerning parking on Holleman Drive West, and whether to put bike lanes in or maintain street parking.

He spoke for around five minutes, was asked a question by a councilmember, and was in the midst of answering when he began slumping over the podium. On the brink of collapse, city staff rushed to Carlton, eventually lying him down on the council chamber floor.

Councilmember Ben White was one of the first to get to him.

"My concern when I first saw him -- and certainly, I'm not a medical doctor, but I've been around physicians for several years -- is that he might be having a stroke," White said. "We laid him down. We got him on his side. Now, we're more or less thinking he might have just hyperventalated."

EMS arrived just minutes later. Oxygen was administered, but Carlton was conscious, breathing and responsive to questions. When asked if he was feeling any better, he responded yes. When asked if he was experiencing chest pain, he appeared to have said no.

When asked if White, a former mayor and longtime city offical, had ever had a night like that, he said "Never. Never seen anything like this at all. Not at all."

The council decided to end the meeting early as a result, especially considering the issue.

"If there had been a vote, it would have been an emotional vote," said White, "and that wouldn't have been fair to both sides, so we had to do that. We'll just discuss it next time."

The issue of parking on Holleman Drive West was the only item not voted on in what was a short agenda this evening. That final item will be pushed to the next meeting in two weeks.