Presidential Forum

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The 41st President of the United States made a stop a the George Bush Presidential Library on Friday to host a Presidential Leadership Forum. On the forum panel were three special guests.

One of those guests was the U S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England. England who was at one time the Secretary of the Navy informed the audience that October 13th, 2006, marked the military branch's 231st birthday.

Micheal Petters, president of Northrop Grumman Newport News, was another member on the panel. His company is responsible for building the U.S.S. George H. W. Bush. Just last Saturday a christening ceremony for the aircraft carrier was held in Norfolk, Virginia. In attendance at that ceremony were the shipyard workers who are building the vessel. Petters said Friday that his workers were extremely excited to be able to watch their work become a part of history.

The third member of the panel was the man who is slated to be captain of the ship. Naval officer, Captain Kevin O' Flaherty said he was a bit overwhelmed by his on stage company. "I'm totally awed to sit up here with this group of fine individuals, and I almost don't know what to say."

As he addressed the crowd, O'Flaherty said he has already been at work forming his crew. With two months of work under his belt, 400 sailors have already been selected. But 400 sailors is a small faction of the crew that will be on board of the new warship when it is commissioned in 2008.