Stopping Hate At Texas A&M

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Texas A&M has an atmosphere of a great big family. But with any family, there are things that happen to family members they wish could be avoided all together.

In recent years, A&M students have been victims of crimes, including hate crimes. Some students report them, while others for whatever reason keep silent. Texas A&M president, Robert Gates says that is unacceptable.

Gates has issued a memo announcing the university's new tool to help break the silence of victims and witnesses. The new tool is a website: It allows victims and witnesses a simple inform the university that they or someone needs help.

Associate Provost of Diversity, Dr. Tito Guerrero, says the website should be relatively easy to use considering users of the site do not need to know a lot of sophisticated knowledge. He says incidences of hate and bias should be reported to help maintain the university's supportive and encouraging climate.

"We take pride here at A&M and talking about how we're a family," Guerrero said. "Aggies look out for each other, and we want to make sure that people feel like and are actually able to experience Texas A&M University providing a welcoming and accepting kind of environment."

For people who may not know about the different avenues available to them to report bias or hate crimes, there are plans to inform them during orientation when they start their academic careers at A&M. Guerrero wants those who use the website to know that their reports will be received, looked into and the appropriate action will be taken.