Medieval Adventure

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For those who are ready to journey to the land of "once upon a time", The Texas Renaissance Festival may be just the escape you've been looking for.

The event is in its 32nd year, and both tourists and actors at the festival keep coming back year after year. Some actors believe the success of the event stems from the atmosphere that is created upon entering the gates.

The Plantersville tradition has drawn tourists from all over the state. In fact, it is often hard to distinguish the tourists from the actors, since many of the visitors of the festival come dressed for the occasion.

"The actors tend to interact with you more if you're dressed. They tend to talk to you and it's a lot more fun," said Judy Babuszczak, a regular attendee of the festival.

Elisa Low, an annual tourist, carefully plans her costume every year. "It's just so much fun! It's one of the few times I get to wear whatever I want and not worry about trying to be in style or anything. And so we have fun all year making our own costumes. Even this year I'm getting ideas for what I wanna do next year," Low said.

William Tatsch, has visited the festival since 1980, when he was a child. Tatsch now brings his children to the festival with him.

The kids most enjoy,"the rides, seeing all the characters dressed up. It's almost like a medieval for of Disneyland for them," Tatsch said.

The Texas Renaissance Festival runs through November 19th.