Brazos County Flood Evacuation

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Heavy rains began coming down early Monday morning, and continued throughout much of the afternoon. The rainfall which caused flooding on several area roads, also flooded the road in front of Tiersa Hopkins' house forcing her to evacuate.

Several ideas were offered on how to get Hopkins out of her house, the first was for a nearby track hoe to pick the woman up, the second came from the College Station Fire Department.

"We went ahead and dispatched a Bryan boat, the Bryan Rescue Boat out there to assist us with it. By the time they got here. The other individual with Elliot Construction is Bryan Reagan who used the track hoe to go down there and assist," Lieutenant Robert Mumford.

The track hoe safely brought Hopkins and her dog Matilda back to dry land. "Well I knew we would have a problem because it rained all night, but my husband got up, got the boys off to school at seven-thirty and I'm thinking everything is fine," said Tiersa Hopkins.

However, when Hopkins later went outside to check on the weather she could no longer see land in front of her yard. Hopkins said she could feel the force of the current as it swept over her feet."It was very strong. I was surprised. It's not real deep but it was strong enough that it almost knocked me over, " said Hopkins.

When Hopkins received a phone call telling her of the evacuation plan, she admits she was a bit shaken up. In the end, however, she had a positive outlook on the ordeal.Hopkins said,"It was a lot of fun! I like new experiences so I can now say I've done that. But I don't need to do it again."