Owner Speaks Out About Horse's Death

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The owner of the horse that was killed recently is speaking out about the brutal attack.

Darla McCrady found her prized horse dead Friday morning from a cut to the throat.

Bryan police are investigating, but they have yet to make an arrest.

"They won't tell me anything and I have grieved since Friday for my horse and no one will tell me anything," McCrady said.

Darla woke up Friday to feed her prized horses, something she normally does, but this day turned out unlike any other.

Darla says her horse Chick usually greeted her at the gate, but on Friday morning when the horse was not there she knew something was wrong.

As she opened the gate, she could see Chick hidden behind the trees

"She was dead and I couldn't bear to look," McCrady said. "I went to my parents house and we came and she was covered in blood."

According to police the horse's neck had been intentionally slashed.

"She had two big cuts to the throat and one was pretty much cut in half," McCrady said. "You could see where blood was, and where struggle was, and you could see where she died."

Darla says police told her it was a group of boys that were behind the attack.

"The one boy said that he wanted the boys to follow him that he knew where some horses were," McCrady said. "He grabbed the horse and told the boys he was going to show them what he could do with it."

Police will not confirm Darla's story.

For now she is taking it day by day in hopes that whoever is behind the attack will be punished.

"I think maybe chick sacrificed her life so these boys could be caught and maybe no human will have to suffer," McCrady said.

Police say they do have suspects.
The investigation is on-going.