Cattle Die In Robertson County Accident

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A semi-tractor trailer accident shut down a Robertson County road for more than 4 hours.
The accident happened near the intersection of FM 979 and FM 46 just north of Franklin.

"Witnesses behind the trailer were saying he never slowed down coming around the curve," Trooper Scott Swick of the Department of Public Safety said. "His load shifted on him and in doing so pushed him off the roadway."

The trailer was loaded with 71 head of cattle destined for Amarillo and was coming out of a local ranch in Robertson County.

Officials with the Robertson County Sheriff's Office, Franklin Fire Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety were on on site to help clean up the wreckage and round up the herd. Local volunteers also pitched in to help.

"We've got about 8 head of cattle out here in the pasture, that the cowboys are working on right now," said Swick. "And we've got three confirmed dead in the trailer."

The driver of the semi suffered minor cuts and bruises, but was not seriously injured in the accident. Some of the cattle on board sustained injuries and had to be put down.

"We've also got the rest of the livestock in local trailers going to a local vet clinic," said Swick.

The driver was given a citation for driving at an unsafe speed.

Trooper Swick said the cattle company's insurance would ultimately absorb all financial costs for property damages, including damage to fences.