Prepared For The Flood

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Rain recovery efforts are underway across the Brazos Valley. Though the area isn't known for flooding, when rain falls like it did Monday, the landscape can quickly change. For those without flood insurance, the road to recovery could be a long one.

Monday's rising waters was déjà vu for homeowner Ann Hays. In 1994 her home flooded for the first time. Knowing how destructive flood waters can be, Hays went into action.

"The minute that I saw it coming near my house, I started moving furniture upstairs. Furniture that just couldn't be replaced," Hays said.

One day after the flood, Hays called in professionals to help get the water out of her home quickly. Marketing Representative for Servpro Water Damage company, Craig Reed says that's the best way to do it.

"The faster we can get there and start the drying process, the less it will cost than if someone were to wait a day or two," says Reed.

Servpro will be spend the next couple of days drying Hay's home. It's a job that can be incredibly expensive.

"Depending on the amount of water, damage from flood waters could cost homeowners up into the tens of thousands of dollar," Reed said.

Hays won't have to pay the bulk of her clean-up bill thanks to her flood insurance. Its an extra charge that isn't usually covered by a homeowners insurance policy.

"In most cases, there is no coverage for flooding under a homeowners policy or even a renter's policy," says State Farm Insurance Agent, Bruce Boyd.

Flood insurance must be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program under FEMA. This insurance protects homeowners against FEMA's definition of flooding waters.

Hays says that her flood insurance is expensive, but in light of the damage Monday's rain caused, she says its worth it. And Boyd agrees, and says it better to be safe than sorry.

"If there is any chance that you are in a low area then you should buy flood insurance."