College Station Teen Rescued from Flooding Waters

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Emergency crews were busy Monday, after a torrential downpour flooded streets and prompted several water rescues.
One of the rescues involved Jacob Melton, 14, of College Station who got caught in a current while wading through a flooded drainage ditch.

Melton's mother Cindy noticed Jacob and his brother were missing when she got home from work.
It's then she noticed the flooded street and numerous police cars around her neighborhood.

"I approached the policeman and said 'I've got two boys missing' and they said 'oh you are the mom,'" Roberts said.

Cindy's two sons and one of their friends had gone to check out the flooding at the neighborhood's drainage ditch.

"We saw everyone gathering at the end of the street so we got down there and it was all flooded," Melton said. "We said lets check it out," Melton said.

Curiosity got the best of Melton, but his adventure did not go as planned.
He found himself in too swift of water.

"As I was turning a corner the water was hitting the corner making a whirlpool and I tried to stop it, but instead it flipped me over and I bashed my head on something," Melton said.

He was able to make it to shore and his friends called for help.

The Bryan Fire Department assisted College Station with a swift water rescue, reaching Jacob by boat.

"If he hadn't been able to come up out of that and get to the other side we probably wouldn't be having this conversation," Roberts said.

Others have not been as fortunate as Jacob.

He considers himself one of the lucky ones.

"I just came out with a bump on my head," Melton said. "I wasn't rushed to the hospital or anything. I'm not dead, I'm lucky to be here."

And you won't see Melton near flooding waters again. He's putting adventure in the past and he warns others to do the same.