Bryan Convenience Store Robberies Continue

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Once again, Bryan Police are searching for a suspect in an armed robbery at a convenience store. That makes three robberies in the last six days, but are the acts connected? Authorities are investigating that possibility.

With cameras trained on every inch of the Time Mart at the corner of Peppertree and Finfeather, there's likely a good shot or two of a black male cloaked head to toe in black who held up the store at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Umatia Barkat's boss was working at the time.

"With cameras on all the time, it's safe for me, safe for customers and safe for my boss, too," Barkat said.

On the surface, this latest robbery looks a lot like the other two that happened in the last six days. The suspect entered a side door at the Time Mart store, went to the cash register, demanded money, also took the owners cell phone, then exited the same door and left down the path.

From there, though, authorities are trying to piece together if there is a connection to three other robberies, including the two others since Saturday. In the robbery at the Easy Shop on Saturday, there was a second individual that entered the store. Monday, there may have been an accomplice in the hold-up of the Prince Mart.

Authorities are also looking into a connection with an October 9 armed robbery at Mike's Market on 23rd Street. In all the cases, it's believed a masked black male around six feet tall brandishing a handgun was involved.

"I'm safe working," Barkat said. "I have no problems. It's fine work all the time."

But the first robbery at this store, and the fourth in ten days in Bryan has given one clerk a bit of pause.

"I'll all the time be safe more, because before, there was no robbery, but after this time, this robbery, I'll be careful, too," Barkat said.

Surveillance footage is currently being analyzed by authorities. If you have any information on the four Bryan robberies, you're asked to call Bryan Police.