Shopping For Education

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A simple trip to the grocery store could help fund your child's school through the Box Tops for Education Program. And if your kids school is on board, the deadline for them to cash in is coming up.

Once a school is registered with the program, parents do their normal shopping at the store or online. A number of food companies are involved in the program so consumers can chose from a lot of products that are used in the Box Tops program.

Some companies have made it easier to identify the products that parents can use for the school fundraiser by advertising the box logo on the packaging. Before the packaging is thrown away, parents and kids collect the box tops and then bring them to school.

The next step is taken by the school. Melody Almaraz is the president of the Parent Teacher Organization at Mary Branch Elementary. She is also the one who handles the box tops collection for the school.

Almaraz says twice a year schools can turn in the gathered box tops. The fundraising organization accepts the tops before October 31st and before March 31st. The program, in turn, will send the school a check.

According to Almarez, the box tops allowed their school to purchase books for the library, some computers, and a rock wall for the gymnasium. Alamaraz says gathering the tops gives the kids a chance to do something for the school. "The kids just love collecting the tops because they think that in some way they can help raise money for the school."

"Over past two years we've raised over 1200 dollars," She added.

Thirteen schools in the Bryan Independent School Districts and ten schools in the College Station Independent School Districts participate in the Box Tops for Education Program.

Here's a look at who has signed up:

Bryan Independent School District: Bonham, Branch, Bowen, Crockett, Fannin, Henderson, Houston, Johnson, Jones, Mitchell, Navarro, Neal, and Ross.

College Station School District: Southwood Elementary, South Knoll Elementary, Rock Prairie Elementary, Pebble Creek Elementary, Forest Ridge Elementary, College Hills Elementary, Oakwood Intermediate, Cypress Grove Intermediate, College Station Intermediate, and A&M Middle School.

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