Armed Robbery Spree Grows by Two

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A pair of armed robberies at Bryan convenience stores Thursday makes six total crimes in the last week-and-a-half. Thursday's robberies happened within two hours of each other, and likely were committed by the same two people.

Thursday's first armed robbery was a little bit before 5:30 p.m. at the corner of Groesbeck and Richard Street. Two black males entered Nick's Convenience Store, one wearing a ski mask, the other with a red doo rag on his head and a bandana over his face.

The store's clerk, Sajit Butt, says the man with the bandana was the one who pulled a handgun on him.

"They asked for the money," said Butt. "I opened this [register] and gave them the money. They said, 'Where did you put the other money?' I said, 'All this is what I've got. Take it.' I showed them. They said, 'Sit down,' and they ran out."

The two men then fled the scene on foot.

It was less than two hours later that Bryan Police were at yet another robbery. This time, it was in the 2800 block of North Texas at the Handi Stop. Two men that fit the description of the earlier robbery took the same action. A handgun was pulled on the clerk, and the money from the register was demanded.

The suspects took the cash and fled north on foot. Bryan Police got to the scene and began searching the area, including with a K-9 unit.

That makes six armed robberies in the last 11 days. The first happened on October 9, and within the last six days, there have been five armed robberies, including the two Thursday.

Surveillance footage was taken from two most recent events, as well as from others in this spree.

Authorities cannot rule out the distinct possibility that all six crimes are connected.

The first four incidents involved a black male around six feet tall. In the October 9 incident at Mike's Market on 23rd Street.

On the night of Saturday, October 14, the Easy Shop on La Brisa was hit by a pair of suspects wearing dark shirts and shorts, along with winter masks over their faces.

On October 16, it was the Prince Mart on South Coulter that was robbed.

Then, the Time Mart at Finfeather and Peppertree was robbed on the morning of Wednesday, October 18.