Suspects in Horse Slaying Released

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Both of the college students arrested for the savage slaying of a prized horse, are out of jail. Blinn student Kenneth Peterson, 21, was released from custody Friday morning after posting a $60,000 bond. His alleged accomplice, Texas A&M student Walter Williams, 20, posted a $63,000 bond Friday night.

The two are accused of sneaking on to a pasture late Friday October 13th and attacking a one-year old filly. Authorities say Peterson beat the horse with a mallet before cutting its throat. Williams is accused of striking the death blow by stabbing the mare in the chest with a broken golf club.

Tim Elliott, Ph.D, is a psychologist at Texas A&M's Department of Rural Public Health and says the vicious killing could be a precursor to violence towards people. "These kinds of behavior are often associated with what we consider anti-social acts and in that you see a propensity for anger, impulse control problems and lack of empathy for others."

Peterson and Williams are charged with animal cruelty, a class A misdemeanor. If convicted they could face a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.