Big News in Wheelock

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The folks of Wheelock, Texas had something to talk about. Two brand new buildings that the town has been dreaming of have been built.

Wheelock celebrated their 5th Pioneer Days by showing off the town's new fire station and new civic center. It took four years to make this dream a reality. And the people of Wheelock came out in full force to see the fruits of their labor.

Laban Toscano, who is on the Board of Directors of the Wheelock Civic Association, says the people of Wheelock are excited to have an official meeting place. "People are very impressed with it. They think it's a wonderful thing to have something like this here in our community to bring our community together", Toscano said.

Toscano reveals that Pioneer Days were established as a fundraising event to make Wheelock's Civic Association's dream of a having a fire station to house the town's fire trucks and a community gathering place.

Wheelock's first step towards this dream came from the Bloodworth family. They donated ten acres to the project. After the donation was made the town got on board and found a fun way to raise money each year.

Darrel Flippin, a resident of Wheelock, says he and his family has attended the other four fundraising events to support his town. He said, "We all just come to enjoy the fun and we have really been working hard trying to get all this together."

The community succeeded in making the dream a reality, but they're ready to do more for next year Pioneer Days. Flippin says, the town of Wheelock is shooting for a bigger one next year.

Laban Toscano says the founding fathers of Wheelock would be extremely proud.