Texas A&M Works on War Wound Healing

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Texas A&M has teamed up with two companies to help heal soldiers wounded in war.

Through research funded by DermaPlus Incorporated and MatrixDesign Incorporated, Texas A&M will help further develop the proven abilities of a human protein to help regenerate tissue and accelerate wound healing.

A similar product has already been proven successful in reducing facial and eye wrinkles, but according to scientists at Texas A&M, the skin care DermaLastyl, will soon do much more.

"The active ingredient, Tropelastin, that is in the facial cream will be turned into a wound healing product," Dr. Zivko Nikolov a Dow professor from the Texas A&M Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department said.

The scientists are helping further develop Tropoelastin, a human membrane protein, designed to penetrate the deepest parts of the topmost layer of skin.
The scientists are trying to accelerate the healing process for those wounded in war.

"I feel like the mission in large part of the university and of this institute is to take modern technology, bio-technology, and plant technology and use that to really answer fundamental applied questions throughout the world," Dr. Martin Dickman, Director of the Institute for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology at Texas A&M said.

The research has brought together two departments at Texas A&M, the Bioseparations Lab of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and the Institute for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology, something that has not been done at other universities.

"I think we have a real shot in achieving the company's goal and in achieving our goals in showing that we are a premier institution that can take on commercial products and bring them to fruition," Nikolov said.

The project is unique because it uses plant biotechnology to produce high quantities of human Tropoelastin, a protein that is difficult to produce and purify.
But once the process is complete, the final product will look unlike the skin cream and more like a medicated bandage.
And in the next several years, this product may be seen less on the cosmetic shelf and more on the battlefield.

For more information about DermaPlus, Inc., the producer of the DermaLastyl line of products, check out www.dermalastyl.com.